2 Simple Ways to Make V-Day More Memorable!!

2 Simple Ways to Make V-Day More Memorable!!

Valentine’s Day is a time of the year when many couples go the extra mile to be more romantic and raise the ‘I Love You’ gauge!  It’s a day we look forward to with HIGH expectations! Yes, flowers, dinner, gifts and mouthwatering chocolate make us happy.  But, what happens when the flowers dry up, the chocolate is gone, and you can’t remember where you put the gift? Can you imagine how much sweeter it would be if we could keep the momentum going all year? Me too!! Don’t get me wrong, everyone appreciates the flowers, dinner and chocolate. It’s just that, it would be exponentially sweeter, to give or get something that is a reminder that EVERYDAY is truly Valentine’s Day! Here are a couple of awesome ideas that can add value and extend those romantic moments longer!  

#1 - Handmade Card - Make a personal Sweetheart Card using your own words and thoughts.  Add pictures (maybe create a mini collage).  Spray with perfume or cologne and leave it somewhere special!

#2 - Romantic Wall Decal - put it in a place where it can be seen daily.  Words are Powerful, the words in the wall art will be a constant reminder of what’s in your heart.  Here are some great Love decals:


Let’s here about some of your unique ways to make cupid hang around past Valentine’s Day!!

February 07, 2018 by Falicia Wooten Battle



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