3 Approaches to Making New Friends

3 Approaches to Making New Friends

Friends are trustworthy confidantes you share your life events with. Some last for a season and others for a lifetime! I remember when I was extremely frustrated with my job and was ready to quit. I called my amazing friend to review my resignation letter for typos and she immediately went into ‘friendship mode’ and talked me off the ledge (so to speak). A good friend is there during the pinnacle times of your life and support you when things aren't so great. They accept you for you, realizing you are not perfect, they forgive quickly, laugh with and at you!  Count it all joy!  Here are a few approaches to making new friends as well as a great article.

#1 Host a “Know Thy Neighbor’ meeting at your home for your surrounding neighbors.  This could be in your garage or an outside gathering.  Offer to collectively put together a calendar of events. Create a contact list with your neighbor’s phone number, email and birthday. This will help keep your new connections active! This positive outreach just allowed you to make new friends you can interact with who live close by. There are very many advantages to this method.

 #2 Plan an event such as ‘Girls Night Out’ or a Bowling event, invite 2-3 people from the list above and ask them to invite 1 or 2 people.  Now you have just expanded your opportunity to make even more friends.

#3 Eating out, if you see a person waiting to be seated, say ‘hello’, ask if they have eaten here before…this will lead to great dialogue.  Invite them to join your table, laugh have fun and exchange phone #’s.  I have seen this work very well many times.


February 09, 2018 by Falicia Wooten Battle



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