Sleep Smart Music Eye Mask


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Brand: sleepace
Color Classification: L Code M Code S Code XL Code
Compatible platforms: ANDROID iOS

Product information:
Music stops automatically: Sleepace detects a sleep scene and allows built-in music to stop automatically, with the sleep monitoring function activated.
Awakening in a natural way: the Sleepace app allows you to set an alarm and wakes you up when you are in the lightest part of sleep during the time you set and let you feel refreshing.
White Noise and ASMR-Sleepace have various authorized content for your travel, dormitory, car and other noisy conditions. Music for relaxation.
We recruit reviewers-sleep monitor the smartest headphones track your sleep using the Sleepace app, for you to view and improve sleep quality.

Size: S (20.87 ~ 21.65) / M (21.65 "~ 22.44") / L (22.44 "~ 23.23") / XL (23.23 "~ 24")
Material: silk
Black colour
Net Weight: 35g ~ 37g
Cable length: 62.20 inch

What do you get:
1 x Sleepace Smart Earphone
2 x travel bag

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